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Health Care Employment Information

Health Care Job Overview Since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans have gained access ...

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Health Care Job Overview

Since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans have gained access to health care coverage. Due to this change, hospitals, medical clinics, and other health care facilities are feeling the pressure of the additional patients coming in for checkups. There are currently more than 17 million jobs in the health care industry within the United States, and these jobs range from entry-level clerks and Medical Receptionists to high level surgeons and medical researchers. Since there are so many job opportunities, it is a stable and promising field on which to start a career path.

Health Care Job Education Requirements

The educational requirements for a job in health care depends on the actual position in question. There are quite a few jobs available that don't require any education beyond a high school diploma, such as medical transcription, reception, and working with medical records. A medical assistant job requires that the candidate complete an educational program and obtain certification. Registered nurse positions usually require a bachelor's degree, although some require an associate's degree, along with a state-issued license. Physicians and pharmacists must complete a postgraduate degree, and physician jobs also require completion of an internship and residency.

Health Care Job Market

The job market for health care positions is thriving. According to statistics from the BLS, health care jobs overall should grow by nearly 40 percent by the year 2022. Another factor that plays a role in the increasing need for health care is the aging population that is requiring more medical care. Candidates who enjoy working with the elderly can work in assisted living facilities, physical therapy offices, and rehabilitation centers. There are thousands of private and governmental health care facilities throughout the country, so applicants can find jobs that fit with their skill sets and experience.

Health Care Job Salary Information

Similar to the education requirements, the salary range for a health care job will depend on the position in question. Entry and mid-level positions such as receptionists and medical assistants earn a median salary of $25,000-$30,000, while a registered nurse can earn an average annual salary that is closer to $70,000. Pharmacists and physicians earn much higher wages, usually in the six-figure range, and the highest paid physicians are usually surgeons. Those working in health care administration can also earn higher salaries, although these positions usually require additional education.

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