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Heavy Highway Construction Employment Information

Heavy Highway Construction Overview From checking equipment for proper operation to controlling large machines, Heavy ...

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Heavy Highway Construction Overview

From checking equipment for proper operation to controlling large machines, Heavy Highway Construction Workers require specialized knowledge and skills to ensure a safe work environment. Heavy Highway Construction jobs entail either construction management and engineering or heavy equipment operation, depending on the individual's formal education and previous experience. Construction Workers need to be able to activate powerful equipment, coordinate machine functions with crew members and safely operate heavy machinery such as road graders, trench excavators and bulldozers. Highway construction operators tend to work irregular hours to avoid traffic disruptions, and opportunities for overtime are available to meet required deadlines.

Heavy Highway Construction Education Requirements

Although having a college education is not required to obtain employment as a Highway Construction Worker, having a high school diploma is a must. Many employers prefer candidates to be proficient in math, English, welding, shop and blueprint reading. To attain a higher paid position, candidates can further their education at a community college, association training program or vocational school. Heavy Highway Construction Workers can enter into apprenticeship programs to gain on-the-job training and technical instruction, which can take between two and four years to complete. Those who wish to obtain a managerial position should earn a bachelor's degree in a construction-related sector.

Heavy Highway Construction Job Market

According to statistics, approximately 409,700 people are employed in highway construction with the employment outlook predicting a job growth of 19 percent by 2022. This job growth will provide an additional 78,200 employment opportunities for those entering this industry. A similar position would be as a Highway Inspector.

Heavy Highway Construction Salary

Heavy Highway Construction Operators earn an average annual salary of $40,980 depending on their formal education, previous training and current employer. The lowest 10 percent of workers in entry-level positions may make around $26,470 annually while experienced operators can earn more than $72,440 annually. Construction Managers can expect an average annual salary of $82,790.

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