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Holiday Employment Information

Holiday Job Overview The holidays provide unique opportunities for people who are seeking employment. Companies often ...

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Holiday Job Overview

The holidays provide unique opportunities for people who are seeking employment. Companies often experience increased customer demand during holidays and this can create a need for additional employees. Job responsibilities, salaries, and hours vary greatly, but usually seasonal holiday jobs are part time and temporary. As people plan celebrations and festivities, many companies in food service, entertainment and hospitality industries may be looking to hire additional help. Caterers and bakeries may hire temporary employees to assist the cooking staff and help make deliveries.

Holiday Job Education Requirements

The education requirements for holiday jobs can vary drastically from one job to another. Retail stores typically take on extra clerks and salespersons to assist with increased customer traffic during the holiday season. Usually, sales clerks and part-time cashiers need a high school diploma or GED and are sometimes required to have previous retail experience. Other holiday jobs are more specialized, such as professionals who are hired to decorate a company's property for the holiday season or chefs who prepare food for holiday parties. Event planners and photographers may be in higher demand during the holidays. These sorts of jobs would potentially require extra training and experience.

Holiday Job Market

The market for holiday jobs is expected to be favorable. Because the work is temporary, often for a single season, companies are generally willing to take on employees that will work these hours when customer demand is high. Specific job market conditions vary greatly from industry to industry. While hospitality and retail companies are typically eager to hire additional employees, other industries, such as construction, may experience a slump in business during the holidays and may not be looking to hire.

Holiday Job Salary Information

The salary of holiday jobs also vary greatly from one industry to the next. Holiday seasonal employees make an average of about $12 an hour. Part-time customer service representatives can make $15 an hour. Cashiers who take seasonal work may make over $12 an hour, gift wrappers can make $13 an hour, and shipping clerks can make an hourly pay rate of over $20. Employees who work as bartenders or bakers for catering companies and special events can make between $14 and $20 an hour. Event planners make an average of $20 an hour, while photographers at holiday events can make $15 an hour on average. Seasonal recruiters are typically hired a little earlier than other seasonal employees, and they can make an hourly rate of $25.

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