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House Sitter Employment Information

House Sitting Jobs Overview Every once in a while, a homeowner needs to go out of town for extended periods of time ...

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House Sitting Jobs Overview

Every once in a while, a homeowner needs to go out of town for extended periods of time and needs someone to take care of their home. Many kinds of people house sit, including retired couples, singles, young families, professionals, artists, and students.

House sitting jobs entail taking care of a person's house, property, pets, plants, bills, and other related duties. The number of work days can vary from one or two to a few months, maybe even a year. While on duty, a house sitter is responsible for the various parts of a home 24 hours a day.

House Sitting Jobs Education Requirements

There aren't any specified educational requirements to house sit, although homeowners like to know that the person staying in their home is trustworthy, reliable, and able to handle all the requirements of a home. Age may be an important factor to a homeowner. Also, experience is more important than a degree in this industry, and many homeowners will ask about the applicant's experience.

If you don't have any previous house sitting experience, character references are helpful to prove that you are a trustworthy applicant. Many times, the homeowner will require the house sitter to have a valid driver's license since duties may include driving pets to the veterinarian, picking up groceries, or running other errands out of walking distance from the house.

House Sitting Jobs Market

It's difficult to pinpoint how open the job market is for house sitting positions because the Bureau of Labor and Statistics lumps those jobs in with all housing-related jobs like property, real estate, and community association managers. Looking at this extended job field, there are approximately 332,000 positions available.

House Sitting Job Salary Information

You may not make a fortune house sitting, but you will be able to travel and live rent-free. Many times, house sitting works on a trade basis, where house sitters are able to live in the house for free while watching over it. Homeowners will pay most bills but may ask house sitters to pay for the utilities they use while staying there. Sometimes, homeowners will pay a small fee for your help watching their home while they are away, but it's usually around $20 to $50 per day.

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