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Industrial Engineering Employment Information

Industrial Engineering Job Overview Industrial engineers strive to eliminate wastefulness that inevitably occurs ...

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Industrial Engineering Job Overview

Industrial engineers strive to eliminate wastefulness that inevitably occurs during production. They may work in offices and in a variety of places where they are trying to improve situations. Industrial engineers may observe people or electronic processes. They work with others on the business side as well as the technical side of a company or organization. The most common job duties of an industrial engineer may include:

  • Looks over production processes, schedules, methods, and other aspects of how things are functioning to comprehend what's going on with manufacturing
  • Figuring out how to manufacture something or deliver a service with optimal efficiency
  • Suggesting actions to improve quality control
  • Creating management control systems
  • Surveying or speaking with clients or customers to work towards the development of best standards for production
  • Conferring with a variety of people who have an interest in a product to further assess the status of situations or projects

Candidates who enjoy a challenge may enjoy working as industrial engineers. They focus on how to get work done in most efficient way possible, and that requires a lot of creativity, focus, concentration, and critical thinking skills.

Industrial Engineering Job Education Requirements

All industrial engineer positions require that candidates have at least a bachelor's degree. It's typical for them to have that bachelor's degree in industrial engineering, but some industrial engineers hold degrees in manufacturing engineering or even general engineering. Because experience and a proven track record at the position may give candidates a definite edge, those who want to be industrial engineers should try to sign up for a cooperative education engineering program that will offer both hands-on experience and a strong academic background. Some aspiring engineers may find that they want to look at other positions, such as sanitary engineer jobs or electrical supervisor jobs.

Industrial Engineering Job Market

Between 2012 and 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be a growth of 5 percent in industrial engineering jobs, which means that there will be over 233,400 industrial engineering jobs in 2022. Industrial engineers face a lot of challenges on the job, and it is a very dynamic and versatile position. They may sometimes be able to put their expertise to use in multiple industries, and businesses that range from manufacturing plants to non-profit organizations.

Industrial Engineering Job Salary Information

Industrial engineers earned an average annual salary of $78,860 in 2012. The top professionals in industrial engineer positions made over $118,300 per year, but the low-end average annual salary was under $51,180. Industrial engineers who work in aerospace product and parts manufacturing positions typically command the highest salaries.

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