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International Relations Jobs Overview

International Relations Jobs, also known as public relations jobs, seek to improve the relations between two or more people or groups of people. Public-relations specialists often work with companies to improve their reputation. Those working overseas might work with a company hoping to launch a new product or establish a brand in another country. They might also work for foreign governments to change the way people think about the leaders in charge of that government. The skills that those workers have will assist them well in other fields, including international marketing manager jobs and international relief jobs.

International Relations Jobs Education Requirements

International Relations is a fast growing field, and those hoping to enter the field need a college degree. While many of the open positions only require an undergraduate degree, with the new competition facing applicants, some find it helpful to finish a graduate degree and complete at least one international internship before applying for jobs overseas. Those working in International Relations often spend a lot of long hours working in the community or in an office setting. They need strong communication, organization and leadership skills, but workers must also know how to work with others.

International Relations Job Market

According to statistics, the public-relations specialist field will increase at the same rate as most other job industries will. With a predicted growth of 12 percent, those interested in the field will see more than 27,000 new jobs become available. Though some of those jobs will be in the United States, job seekers can look forward to seeing new jobs appear in Europe, China and in other parts of the world.

International Relations Jobs Salary

International Relations specialists can earn an hourly wage or an annual salary with benefits. Hourly wage earners typically make from $14 to nearly $30 an hour. Salaried employee wages range between $30,000 to more than $50,000 a year and International Relations specialists have the opportunity to earn even more working overseas or with two or more clients every year.

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