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IT Project Manager Employment Information

IT Project Manager Overview IT project managers are responsible for planning, creating and managing the way an ...

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IT Project Manager Overview

IT project managers are responsible for planning, creating and managing the way an organization utilizes computers for business and communication activities. They are generally expected to choose and manage all the components necessary for a network to run efficiently and reliably. They oftentimes have to continually analyze the computer needs of an organization and make recommendations based on not only the current trends in information technology but also what products and services best fit within an organization's budget. IT project managers work with executives to recommend the best products and services possible to meet an organization's goals. At the same time, these managers direct and work with other IT professionals, such as with software engineers, data center consultants and system security analysts, to fulfill the approved recommendations.

IT Project Manager Education Requirements

Generally, IT project managers must have at least a bachelor's degree in a computer science field. Ideal IT project manager job candidates hold a bachelor's degree in information systems or information technology. Those with a graduate level degree, such as a master's in computer science, have an advantage in qualifying for project manager-level jobs. Prior experience in lower-level positions within the field or industry an IT professional plans to manage is also recommended.

IT Project Manager Job Market

The job outlook for IT project manager jobs is expected to rise approximately 15 percent from 2012 to 2022, which is faster than the average for all occupations. Job growth is expected to be fueled by businesses expanding their use of wireless devices and networks, creating a need for professionals that can manage these expansions.

IT Project Manager Salary

The median annual salary for IT project manager jobs is $120,950 per year. Due to the nature of work IT project managers perform, it is not uncommon for both salaried and hourly positions to work overtime to immediately fix problems and keep systems running smoothly.

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