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Maintenance Employment Information

Maintenance Job Overview Any business or company with a building, landscaping or machinery will need at least one ...

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Maintenance Job Overview

Any business or company with a building, landscaping or machinery will need at least one maintenance worker, but usually need a team of contract workers. Every field from healthcare and education to real estate management requires maintenance work from time to time. Whether it's a large team of full-time maintenance workers at a large hospital or a small team of handymen at an apartment complex, maintenance is a stable field that will remain relevant as long as buildings and the businesses within them stand. Maintenance jobs are generally flexible, sometimes offer benefits, and are available worldwide.

Maintenance Jobs Education Requirements

Some maintenance jobs don't specifically mention an education requirement, but many require the applicant to have at least a high school diploma or equivalent. Some more technical maintenance positions, including machinery and aircraft maintenance, require more training to get the job, but do offer better pay in turn for the additional training.

Maintenance Job Market

Maintenance jobs offer security that most jobs of its kind can't. In the 2010 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, 1.3 million jobs in general maintenance existed. Based on this report, grounds maintenance worker jobs are projected to grow by another 254,600 by the time the next report comes out in 2020, which is surprisingly fast job growth in a recovering economy.

Work reliability is a bit unpredictable in this field'often, businesses will delay maintenance work during times of economic downturn, leaving little or no work for Maintenance Managers. However, the deferred work usually means more repairs in the long run, so most of the time, maintenance workers can count on steady work, even if some days are slower than others. Some maintenance workers find that when there isn't enough repair work to make ends meet'landscaping jobs also fall into the category of maintenance work and are available nearly year-round.

Maintenance Job Salary Information

General maintenance workers can expect a yearly salary of about $33,000, as of 2011. Grounds maintenance workers or those working on landscaping, earn about $25,000, which increases when promoted to a position like Landscape Architect. With greater training, maintenance workers can specialize in machinery maintenance and expect a yearly salary of around $40,000, or aircraft maintenance and earn around $73,000 per year. No matter what kind of maintenance career you decide to pursue, be sure to look into the expectations of each specific position before applying, and be sure to choose the position that's best for you.

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