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Market Research Analyst Employment Information

Market Research Analyst Jobs Overview Market researchers collect and analyze data to predict what types of products ...

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Market Research Analyst Jobs Overview

Market researchers collect and analyze data to predict what types of products will appeal to consumers. They collect information on customer opinions, investments, or marketing decisions. Market researcher analysts can work directly for a company or for a marketing agency that carries out numerous projects for various companies. Tasks can include:

  • Meeting with clients to discuss research projects
  • Presenting proposals to clients
  • Creating, managing, and distributing surveys
  • Researching people in their homes or other environments
  • Preparation, analysis, and verification of financial reports
  • Conducting qualitative or quantitative surveys
  • Using statistical software to analyze data
  • Writing and presenting detailed reports

Market Research Analyst Jobs Education Requirements

Most entry-level market research positions require a bachelor's degree in marketing or business administration with coursework in marketing, psychology, social sciences, mathematics, and statistics. Managerial or academic positions may require a master's or doctoral degree. You'll also need strong analytical and math skills. Market researchers must be effective communicators with strong writing and public speaking skills. Computer skills are essential, and multilingual skills give applicants an advantage in the job market.

Market Research Analyst Jobs Market

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a faster than average job growth rate at 32 percent. Opportunities are strongest for market researcher analysts with strong data analysis and statistical skills. An increased use of data and market research across all industries to understand customers' needs and wants and to measure the effectiveness of marketing strategies drives employment growth. BLS expects the overall job prospects for market researchers to be good with rapid employment growth in most industries.

Market Research Analyst Jobs Salary Information

The median salary for a market researcher is $60,300. Market researchers in manufacturing and enterprise management had the highest average salaries at $67,550 and $67,350. Market researchers in management, scientific, and technical consulting had the lowest average annual salary at $56,760. Most market researchers work full-time during regular business hours.

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