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Medical Biller Employment Information

Medical Biller Job Overview Medical billing specialists play a crucial role in the healthcare industry. They are ...

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Medical Biller Job Overview

Medical billing specialists play a crucial role in the healthcare industry. They are responsible for taking the data provided by medical coders and using it to submit insurance claims. Medical billers must work with coded data, so a background in medical coding can be beneficial. Knowledge of Medicaid, Medicare, and other insurance guidelines is crucial.

Most medical billers are employed by hospitals, doctors' offices, home health agencies, skilled nursing facilities, and even specialized insurance companies. On any given day, they will work directly with the healthcare provider, insurance company, and patient to process a claim and receive payment. They review and appeal denied and unpaid claims, verify a patient's insurance coverage information, answer billing questions, manage accounts receivable reports, and handle collections when accounts remain unpaid.

Medical Biller Job Education Requirements

To become a medical billing specialist, an associate's degree in a relevant field such as accounting, healthcare administration, or business administration is usually required. A medical billing and coding certificate is ideal since coursework prepares you for the occupation better than any other type of degree. Many medical billers started out as medical coders, CNAs, or health care specialists before receiving the certification and training necessary to become billing specialists.

Medical Biller Job Market

The field that includes medical billers, which is designated as medical records and health information technicians, is expected to increase by 21 percent through 2020. This is a faster-than-average growth rate, so medical billing specialists are in demand. This is likely due to the nation's aging population and the continued need for insurance professionals in the healthcare industry.

Medical Biller Salary Information

Salaries for medical billers vary widely by geographical location, but the average hourly wage is $14. Those starting out can expect to earn around $23,000 a year, with experienced professionals bringing in about $43,000 annually.

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