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Medical Science Liaison Employment Information

Medical Science Liaison Job Overview Medical science liaisons provide an important connection between product ...

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Medical Science Liaison Job Overview

Medical science liaisons provide an important connection between product development companies and the healthcare industry. They typically work for pharmaceutical or biotechnology firms. Their job is to stay informed on the latest developments in research and clinical trials and share this information with physicians and healthcare professionals.

This job requires strong communication, networking and relationship building skills. Medical science liaisons work closely with researchers, pharmaceutical product teams and medical professionals. It's important to maintain an extensive network of strong contacts to be successful in this position.

Medical Science Liaison Job Education Requirements

Medical science liaisons consult with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and need to have an extensive understanding of the healthcare industry. Most employers require an advanced degree, such as a Doctor of Pharmacy, Ph.D. in research science or Master of Science in Nursing. Some professionals in this field also come from a medical background and have a Medical Doctor or Registered Nurse degree.

Medical Science Liaison Job Market

The job market for medical science liaison is not currently measured by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The first medical science liaisons were employed in 1967 and the job didn't become a mainstream career option until the 80s. However, it is expected that jobs in this area will increase as the demand for new pharmaceutical products and therapeutic approaches increases. Among the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the United States, medical science liaison employment has grown 76 percent since 2005.

Medical Science Liaison Salary Information

The average annual salary for a medical science liaison in the United States is $115,016. Salaries typically range from $69,745 to $145,290 with additional bonuses between $1,538 and $24,964 a year. Experience is a major factor in the field and those with several years in the healthcare industry and a strong network of contacts command the highest pay.

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