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Meter Reader Overview Meter reader jobs consist of reading meters to determine their customers' amount of gas, ...

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Meter Reader Overview

Meter reader jobs consist of reading meters to determine their customers' amount of gas, electricity, steam or water consumption. A utility collector is another name for a person in this position. Duties may include reading different types of meters, checking for signs of fraud or tampering and inspecting the utility boxes to confirm they are in working condition. Utility collectors should also be prepared to interact with clients in a professional manner, expect to work outdoors and avoid any obstacles when walking on unknown property.

Meter Reader Education Requirements

Most utility collector jobs, similar to parking enforcement jobs, are entry level that usually only require a high school diploma and valid driver's license. It is ideal for candidates to have previous experience relating to working in the building trades industry or with reading meters. On-the-job training is provided by most employers. This position does not require computer experience, but employers prefer to hire potential candidates who are computer literate. Utility collectors have to understand maps that help with choosing the best routes for job assignments.

Meter Reader Job Market

Employment for utility workers is expected to decline by 10 percent through 2016. Utility companies are using automated water meter systems that allow for billing and monitoring accounts from a central location. However, it will take many years before this system is implemented in all locations. This industry is expecting a large number of retirements from aging employees that will create many new job opportunities.

Meter Reader Salary

Readers can make as much as $49,150 or as little as $18,970 a year. Salary for part-time workers can vary, and they may not be offered benefits. Smaller municipalities and companies tend to pay lower than larger ones. Uniforms may be another expense for this position. Employers may offer an allowance to purchase uniforms or charge employees for them. The median annual salary for meter reader jobs is $30,330.

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