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Music Teacher Job Overview Music teachers provide instruction to a variety of students, often including those in ...

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Music Teacher Job Overview

Music teachers provide instruction to a variety of students, often including those in kindergarten through college. Some may also teach students independently. Music teaching can cover several subjects within the field. They may teach students how to play instruments, read music, understand music theory or create original compositions.

Teachers may focus on specific periods or styles of music, including:

  • Jazz
  • Opera
  • Classical
  • Rock
  • Modernist
  • Electronic

People who love music and teaching often make excellent instructors for students of all ages. Since many beginning students struggle to master basic skills, music teachers should also have plenty of patience.

Music Teacher Job Education Requirements

Job requirements for music teachers vary depending on where they teach. Many states require public school teachers to hold masters degrees, although the degree may focus on general education rather than music education. Music teachers can work at the university level, too, although they may need to earn PhDs for professor and Adjunct Professor positions.

Teachers who teach privately do not necessarily need college degrees to succeed. Some teachers attract private students by displaying exceptional skills at performing or writing music. Music teachers who excel at creating effective programs may becomeInstructional Designers, who develop classes that meet student needs.

Music Teacher Job Market

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn't track employment numbers for music teachers, it does provide data for teachers working at the elementary through college levels. Kindergarten, elementary, and middle school teacher positions are expected to grow by 12 percent between 2012 and 2022. High school teaching positions are only expected to grow by six percent during that time period. Postsecondary teaching positions should grow by approximately 19 percent, which is faster than average.

While these growth rates don't accurately predict the number of jobs for music teachers, they do show the approximate growth for teachers at specific levels.

Music Teacher Job Salary Information

The amount of money that music teachers earn largely depends on where they teach. Those teaching at the high school level earned a median salary of $55,050 in 2012. Those teaching in middle schools earned slightly less with a median income of $53,430. Elementary school teachers had a median salary of $53,000.

Music teachers may also earn more or less money depending on what states they work in. Rhode Island pays the highest median elementary teacher salary in the country at $73,040. New York pays middle school teachers the highest median salary of $75,340. New York also boasts the highest median salary for high school teachers at $75,250.

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