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Nuclear Security Officer Jobs Overview

Nuclear security guards are tasked with preventing theft, damage and trespassing at nuclear facilities. Their primary tasks involve preventing unauthorized individuals from entering restricted areas and permitting authorized individuals to enter. This process generally means checking both the persons and vehicles of entering and exiting personnel. Nuclear Security Officers are also responsible for patrolling nuclear areas for suspicious or unauthorized actions or presences. This involves both on-foot patrolling and security cameras. Security guards are also responsible for alerting appropriate figures, such as emergency workers, when dangerous or suspicious activity occurs.

Because Nuclear Security Officers work in such a sensitive environment, they are responsible for maintaining communication and compliance with several government agencies and their regulations. They must be sure that their security plans meet the standards set by the Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration. Nuclear Security Officers are generally required to carry weapons and may be required to use one should an emergency arise.

Nuclear Security Officer Job Education and Requirements

Nuclear Security Officers must possess at least a high school diploma. Many positions require applicants to possess an associate degree or above. Officers must be able to pass government background checks and may be required to pass physicals as well.

Nuclear Security Officer Job Outlook

Nuclear Security Officers play a major role in ensuring national security by protecting some of the country's most valuable, powerful and potentially dangerous resources. They are responsible for providing both physical and strategic security measures that are essential to the well-being of their employers, communities and the nation. As the need for national security increases, the number of job positions for security guards will increase. Statistics suggest that employment for security guards is set to grow about 12 percent within the next decade. Other similar job positions include Corporate Security jobs.

Nuclear Security Officer Salaries

Salaries for nuclear security guards range from $27,000 a year to around $62,000 a year depending on the location and their experience.

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