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Office Assistant Employment Information

Office Assistant Overview From filing paperwork to creating spreadsheets, Office Assistants run the administrative ...

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Office Assistant Overview

From filing paperwork to creating spreadsheets, Office Assistants run the administrative side of a business. They answer phones and distribute calls to proper management and salespeople. Assistants often greet customers as they walk into a showroom if a salesperson is not available. They take meeting minutes, schedule meetings and travel itineraries, along with processing expense reports. Invoicing vendors and customers is another large job requirement, using basic math to balance out accounts. Office Assistants must be able to juggle several tasks at once while still remaining cordial to staff and customers. They usually have full-time hours unless they are only needed temporarily as part-time help.

Office Assistant Education Requirements

A high school education with experience in keyboarding is sufficient for most office assistants' positions. Each industry has a slightly different administrative process, requiring on-the-job training. However, a computer background and an outgoing personality are smart matches for Office Assistants. They can take typing or computer classes to refine their software skills, making them more attractive at hiring time. Any work experience is helpful for understanding interdepartmental relationships such as speaking to an executive compared to a warehouse worker. Workplace culture plays a big part in daily Assistant duties, making some college experience in psychology or business a helpful tool to have.

Office Assistant Job Market

Statistics suggest that Office Assistant positions will grow by 12 percent in the coming years. As an entry-level job, experienced assistants often move up or onto another career as they gain more contacts and expertise in their field. They may decide to go into similar fields such as office bookkeeping or office management. Although they are administrative positions, bookkeeping centers on accounting aspects whereas management concentrates on organizing many administrative professionals into a productive office.

Office Assistant Salary

Current statistics report that Office Assistants earn between $20,370 and $49,370. The median salary is $32,840. Assistants earn promotions with more contributions to the business and working the corporate ladder into management. Some Assistants obtain their four-year degree while working full time to gain that extra advantage during promotions.

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