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Office Clerk Job Overview An office clerk performs many of the same duties as an administrative assistant . Office ...

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Office Clerk Job Overview

An office clerk performs many of the same duties as an administrative assistant. Office clerks are necessary in a range of industries, including law, construction, healthcare, and other business areas. On a regular basis, an office clerk may:

  • Answer phone calls and take messages
  • Schedule appointments for colleagues and supervisors
  • Check paperwork for accuracy and file documents in appropriate places
  • Send faxes and make copies
  • Write emails and memos
  • Perform light cleaning duties, such as dusting and emptying garbage cans
  • Carry out other tasks as requested by managers and other colleagues

Office Clerk Job Education Requirements

Office clerks usually need a high school diploma or the equivalent, but some choose to pursue further education. Certification in certain computer programs, such as Microsoft Office, 10-key typing skills, and experience with office equipment can make job candidates more attractive to employers.

In some industries, office clerks may need to study a particular set of jargon. For example, a legal administrative assistant should be familiar with common legal terms and procedures.

Office Clerk Job Market

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that job growth for general office clerks will be slower than the average across all occupations in coming years. Office clerks in some industries, however, may see a steeper increase in demand. For example, the quickly growing healthcare industry is likely to open the way for medical office clerks. When you are training to become an office clerk, you should try to hone your skills to fit into an industry with a lot of open job positions.

Office Clerk Job Salary Information

An office clerk with no specialized education or skills can expect to make around $13 per hour. This equates to roughly $27,000 per year. Office clerks that have advanced certifications or extensive experience are likely to earn higher wages.

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