Online Typing Job Overview

Online typing jobs typically involve receiving audio files, scanned copies or handwritten documents and typing the file into a different format, like converting a PDF to a Word file by hand. However, online typist jobs may also involve data entry, medical transcription or legal transcription as well. Good hearing and listening skills are required. Online typists also need to have good computer skills as well as proper grammar and spelling abilities.

Jobs in this field can be part-time, full-time or on a contract basis. In some cases, online typists may be able to take work on a per piece basis, working as often or as little as they like. Online typists may also need certain equipment or software. For example, an online typist job may require the typist to have a Windows operating system or the ability to create a file in Apple Pages. Online typists also normally need high-quality headphones, high-speed Internet and transcription software. Different positions will have different requirements.

Online Typing Job Education Requirements

Many online typing jobs do not have education requirements. However, preference is often given to people who have completed a college education, the higher the better. In addition, specialty typing positions, like legal or medical transcription, need more training. Typing speed normally only matters for online typing jobs that pay hourly or have tight turnaround requirements.

Online Typing Job Market

The market for online typing jobs is filled with scams, but there are many legitimate opportunities. In general, if the company tries to get you to buy something or pay any amount up front, avoid them.

Online Typing Job Salary Information

Most online typing jobs will pay by the page, making them great opportunities for people who type quickly or who may only be able to work in short bursts, like a stay-at-home parent.

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