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Organizational Development Employment Information

Organizational Development Overview Organizational developers are called when a business or group is struggling to ...

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Organizational Development Overview

Organizational developers are called when a business or group is struggling to stay afloat. Organizational developers analyze the way a business operates to identify points of weakness in the income patterns, and they create a plan of action to help improve the business. Organizational developers must possess a strong business sense and be skilled at deducing what parts of a company work together in tandem. Similar human resources jobs include positions such as Organizational Development Specialists and Human Resource Director jobs.

Organizational Development Educational Requirements

A minimum of a bachelor's degree is required, although many organizational developers hold a Master's Degree in Business or Human Resources. In addition, several years of prior experience is required to become an organizational development consultant; the time exposed to the workings of different businesses is essential in learning to diagnose potential problems. The possession of good people skills as well as leadership abilities is a bonus; an extensive knowledge of law and business is also helpful. Organizational development consultants must be able to readily identify patterns and construct solutions to the problems they detect.

Organizational Development Jobs Market

The job market in this field is strong, particularly with the growing economy. As spending patterns change, some companies are unable to keep up, and organizational development consultants are sorely needed. At present, there are 102,700 people employed with a projected growth of 13 percent by 2022. However, these numbers are estimates; organizational development consultants are often included in a more general human resources group, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly how many are employed in the field.

Organizational Development Salary

Organizational development consultants are employed by companies or work freelance, and the pay range reflects this disparity. The pay can be as low as $26 an hour for certain companies to as high as $112,000 per year for others. Freelance consultants have the potential to make much more; those who are well-known and have a reputation for success demand much higher rates.

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