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Preschool Teacher Overview Preschool Teachers work in schools and childcare settings to teach small children who are ...

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Preschool Teacher Overview

Preschool Teachers work in schools and childcare settings to teach small children who are typically 3 to 5 years old. Just like other school teachers, they work with a set curriculum in order to teach children all the skills they need to be successful in later schooling and in life. Some Preschool Teachers only work the traditional 10-month school year, but others teach year round to help students learn a wide variety of subjects and skills. They not only teach basic reading, math and science concepts, but they also teach children essential life skills including sharing, problem solving and taking turns. Preschool Teachers generally help students learn skills and lessons in a child-friendly way with plenty of creativity, enthusiasm and hands-on activities. Some Preschool Teachers incorporate nap time for the children, but the teachers themselves rarely get a break throughout the day, instead preparing other activities during this quiet time.

Preschool Teacher Education Requirements

Preschool Teacher education requirements vary by state, region and setting. Applicants typically need at least an associate degree though some preschools may hire applicants with only a high school education and excellent references. Preschool Teachers are often required to have a background check and up-to-date CPR training. Having previous job experience will also increase an applicant's chances of securing a position at a reputable school.

Preschool Teacher Job Market

According to statistics, the job outlook for Preschool Teachers is expected to grow 17 percent over the next 10 years. This is higher than the average job growth for all occupations. Qualified people who are interested in becoming Preschool Teachers should not have a great deal of difficulty finding a job in most areas. Other similar positions are Elementary School Teachers and Preschool and Child Care Center Education Administrators.

Preschool Teacher Salary

Nationwide, Preschool Teachers make $27,130 a year or $13 per hour on average. This number can vary depending on the part of the country a teacher works in, the amount of job experience they have and whether they work in a public or private school.

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