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Private Military Contractor Employment Information

Private Military Contractor Job Overview Are you interested in an active and engaging job that will take you around ...

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Private Military Contractor Job Overview

Are you interested in an active and engaging job that will take you around the world? If this sounds like an appealing career path, then you may be interested in becoming a Private Military Contractor. You will work in remote corners of the globe as part of a security force. Most contractors work as armed guards for convoys or private businesses that operate in unstable regions. It can be a dangerous job, but the rewards can be great.

Private Military Contractor Educational Requirements

The biggest requirement for any applicant is prior military service. Your previous experience in combat operations will be taken into account during the application process as well as any skills training that you may have received during your time in the military. If you have never been an enlisted soldier, then you may still have a chance at a successful application if you have previous experience in law enforcement. In addition, all applicants will be expected to undergo criminal background checks in order to secure and maintain a position with a private military contracting company. Security clearances may also be necessary in some instances, meaning that you will need to prove that you are a stable individual both personally and financially.

Private Military Contractor Job Market

Appropriate security forces will be in high demand as business opportunities grow in areas worldwide. These businesses will rely on private security companies in order to protect their property and work safely. There are plenty of opportunities if you are willing to travel. Similar positions include Security Analyst Jobs.

Private Military Contractor Job Salaries

You will most likely be paid on a contract basis, meaning that you will be earning money based on one job that you do for a set period of time. Some positions also offer hazard pay as they take place in areas with active insurgencies or fighting. According to statistics, the median annual salary for a private military contractor is $24,020. However, this can vary depending on your location.

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