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Private Security Contractor Employment Information

Private Security Contractor Overview Private Security Contractors are men and women with extensive training in ...

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Private Security Contractor Overview

Private Security Contractors are men and women with extensive training in self-defense, investigation, firearms and more. They are often security guards and police who were honorably discharged, but weren't yet ready to retire. Private Security Contractors often perform many of the same tasks that military units do. Additionally, they may offer private security for corporations, ensuring the safety of employees in foreign countries or unstable political zones.

Private Security Contractor Educational Requirements

Private Security Contractors don't necessarily have educational requirements. Many are ex-military or police forces, so a high school diploma would be required to hold either of those two jobs. What is more important for becoming a Private Security Contractor is extensive job experience in tense conditions, peak physical fitness and the ability to make good decisions in tense situations. Wide knowledge of foreign language and military law are also beneficial.

Private Security Contractor Job Market

It is difficult to find exact job numbers for Private Security Contractors as it isn't a position that is often advertised. Private military companies are often the ones who hire security contractors. However, Private Security Contractors are often in high-demand during times of war as an auxiliary military force, and many corporations working in potentially hostile regions employ their services to guarantee the safety of employees. Private Security Contractors have existed for hundreds of years, and the job market is unique enough that it isn't likely to go away any time soon. Similar positions include Private Military jobs.

Private Security Contractor Salary

Private Security Contractors operate on an assignment basis and are usually paid well, earning as much as $600 per day. Those with more experience can earn upwards of $1,000 per day, but the pay is largely determined by the assignment itself. It is estimated that many Private Security Contractors make about as much as the average person serving in the military after expenses.

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