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Project Administrative Assistant Overview Also known as Project Assistants, Administrative Assistants or Production ...

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Project Administrative Assistant Overview

Also known as Project Assistants, Administrative Assistants or Production Assistants, Project Administrative Assistants perform duties that include answering calls and recording messages, attending meetings and taking notes, distribution of meeting minutes to attendees, conducting research, coordinating office activities, filing and retrieving documents, preparing memos and reports, processing payroll, sorting and distributing mail, responding to email, and supervising other administrative staff. Project Administrative Assistants may take the lead on specific project activities and inform supervisors of the progress. Scheduling activities, making travel arrangements and ordering project supplies are additional job duties. The skills and abilities of Project Administrative Assistants include thorough knowledge of the English language, clerical experience, written and oral communication, and customer and interpersonal service. Project Administrative Assistants generally work full-time and overtime hours with work taking place during regular business hours. They may work on weekends and evenings to ensure deadlines are met.

Project Administrative Assistant Education Requirements

Most companies hire individuals who have a high-school diploma or equivalent, providing on-the-job training for a short amount of time. Many project administrative assistants have up to five years of experience in the industry or as a general administrative assistant. Project administrative assistants may take supplemental in-person or online classes or training modules related to the use of computer software.

Project Administrative Assistant Job Market

According to recent statistics, the number of job openings for Project Administrative Assistants is expected to decrease by 1 percent in upcoming years. This is a slower rate of growth compared to all other occupations. The decrease in job openings may be a result of outsourcing and increased use of technology for performing administrative tasks.

Project Administrative Assistant Job Salary

Studies show that Project Administrative Assistants earn an annual mean salary of $51,870. Project Administrative Assistants working in the private sector or as an Executive Assistant tend to earn more than those working for non-profit agencies and in the public sector. Related jobs include Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant and Project Assistant.

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