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Project Engineer Employment Information

Project Engineer Job Overview Project engineer jobs are available in many areas including architecture, industrial ...

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Project Engineer Job Overview

Project engineer jobs are available in many areas including architecture, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering. Architecture and engineering managers create plans for the development of new products, working closely with research and development teams to perfect the process. Project engineers in civil engineering organize and oversee large construction projects for roads, buildings, bridges, and other city constructions. Mechanical project engineers develop and build mechanical devices such as tools, machines, and engines. Industrial project engineers work to streamline production processes.

Project Engineer Education Requirements

Engineering jobs require a bachelor's degree in a related field. Mechanical engineers need a degree in mechanical engineering or mechanical engineering technology. Civil engineers need a degree in civil engineering. A master's is highly preferred in this field. A project engineer in the architecture field needs a degree in architecture or a related engineering specialty. Industrial engineers typically have an educational background in manufacturing engineering or industrial engineering technology.

Project Engineer Job Market

Employment for engineers is expected to increase nine percent over the 2012 to 2022 decade. This is slightly slower than the average growth of 11 percent projected for all occupations. Architectural and engineering managers can expect job growth of about 7 percent, while jobs for mechanical and industrial engineers will increase about five percent.

Project Engineer Job Salary Information

Mean annual wages for industrial, mechanical, and civil engineers are typically around $85,000 to $87,000. Architectural and engineering managers earn significantly more with a mean annual wage of more than $138,000. Alaska, California, and Texas are among the highest paying states for project engineers. Civil engineers in Alaska earn a mean annual wage of $107,600. Industrial engineers in the state earn a mean annual wage of $116,730, while mechanical engineers make $123,660. Many of these employees work in the oil and gas extraction industry which is the highest paying field for most engineering jobs.

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