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Recruiter Employment Information

Recruiter Job Overview Recruiters are responsible for finding the right personnel for positions within their ...

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Recruiter Job Overview

Recruiters are responsible for finding the right personnel for positions within their companies. Individuals in this occupation need to find and screen potential job applicants, conduct job interviews and hire the right people for positions within a company. Recruiters need to come into the job with good communication skills and experience in administrative work. Recruitment work often requires a great deal of travel to places such as college campuses and job fairs to meet applicants and find qualified people for positions that need to be filled.

Recruiter Job Education Requirements

Most businesses look for bachelor's degrees in human resources, business or related fields when considering potential Recruiters. Several years of appropriate job experience can occasionally be substituted for a college education, and some firms may require both a degree and job experience to hire someone as a Recruiter. When applying with job experience instead of with a college education, a high school diploma or equivalent degree will still be necessary.

Further training within the broader field of human resources is available through courses that can help Recruiters expand their resumes for advancement within their field, or as future prospects. These classes can earn applicants certificates from organizations within the larger human resources field. While certification is optional, it offers a smooth track toward advancement within the field.

Recruiter Job Market

The job market for Recruiter positions and related human resources employment is somewhat slower than average. According to statistics that project out to 10 years, most jobs are currently seeing growth of around 11 percent and Recruiter jobs are only seeing seven percent growth. To broaden job prospects as a Recruiter, job applicants would do well to look at opportunities in Contract Recruiting or Contract Administration for resume building.

Recruiter Job Salary Information

According to statistics, the median salary for Recruiters is around $55,800 annually. For those in the bottom 10 percent, that figure drops to under $32,770 per year while those in the top 10 percent earned over $99,030 annually.

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