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Research Assistant Job Overview

Research assistants work to help engineers collect information using a variety of formats, including legal documents, surveys and published research both in print and online.The most common job duties of a research assistant may include:

  • Recruiting people for studies or trying to pique strangers' interest for other projects
  • Entering data into a file or program
  • Helping to carry out testing
  • Gathering data
  • Analyzing the collected information
  • Identifying problems within data
  • Asking questions of others to gain more data
  • Examining information to help come to a solution or multiple potential solutions
  • Writing reports, letters, memos, and other important documents

Candidates who are able to work well when collaborating on projects may thrive as research assistants. They should be willing to take orders and implement them when necessary, and they should also be willing to speak up when they are able to identify a better way of doing things than is currently standard. .

Research Assistant Job Education Requirements

Most research assistant positions require that any aspiring candidates hold a bachelor's degree for entry level positions. If someone is hoping to win the most desirable and competitive positions, they may want to acquire at a master's degree in engineering or operations research. That will also enable them to move up within a company to other positions. Other research positions within engineering include survey researcher jobs and climate change research jobs.

Research Assistant Job Market

Between 2012 and 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there is likely to be a growth of 27 percent in research assistant jobs. That means that the number of research assistant positions will rise from around 73,000 to workers to over 92,700 research assistants in 2022. That's a more rapid growth rate than most other occupations will have. Candidates who strive to secure a master's degree or an even higher education will be able to stand out among the crowd, and those who acquire a lot of on-the-job training in the field can also move up to a higher-paying position or a different job within the same company.

Research Assistant Job Salary Information

Research assistants earn a median annual salary of approximately $72,100. That's a higher rate of pay than most occupations, and that's not all. The top ten percent of earners who work as research assistants earned over $129,490 per year, while the lower ten percent of workers in the job position earned less than $40,550. Candidates who are willing to move to where the high-paying positions are available will stand the best chance of winning jobs because the availability of handsomely paying work can vary from city to city.

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