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Research Associate Employment Information

Research Associate Overview Research Associates can work in many industries, such as medical and pharmaceutical ...

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Research Associate Overview

Research Associates can work in many industries, such as medical and pharmaceutical research, sociology and psychology studies, archaeological excavations and government research. They work in a lab setting and assist with a wide variety of experiments and clinical trials. It is their responsibility to make detailed observations, interpret and analyze data, and form a conclusion. Often, they are asked to design data collection forms for specific experiments or to write research protocols. They must adhere to clinical practice standards and applicable regulations. Additionally, Research Associates may be tasked with recruiting and screening participants for a study. To support the primary researcher, a Research Associate may compile data for the research, like statistics or similar studies that might be of interest. In academia, a Research Associate may also be a professor, part-time faculty or a guest lecturer. The legal profession makes use of Research Associates with law degrees to do extensive research in preparation for a complex case.

Research Associate Education Requirements

While the requirements vary by industry and place of employment, the minimum requirement in the bio-medical field is a bachelor's degree with course study in biology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, or clinical information systems. Many Research Associates have completed a master's degree and are finishing or have recently finished a PhD program.

Research Associate Job Market

Employment in this occupation is expected to grow about ten percent from 2012 to 2022, which is the average for all occupations. There are a variety of similar positions to explore, examples being Biotech Research Associate, Product Research Analyst or Research Assistant.

Research Associate Salary

The umbrella title of Research Associate covers numerous positions. Specifically, the median annual salary for Research Associates is approximately $45,563. Biological technicians earned a mean salary of $39,750, medical laboratory technicians made $37,240, and medical laboratory technologists earned $57,580. Salary very much depends on the industry and the researcher's education and experience.

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