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Retail Manager Employment Information

Retail Manager Overview Retail managers look for ways to increase sales and the productivity of their workforce. ...

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Retail Manager Overview

Retail managers look for ways to increase sales and the productivity of their workforce. Managers are responsible for determining the layout of a store and will move items around the shop to garner more sales. They also handle the hiring and training of new employees and are required to terminate employees who do not perform well or have problems with customers. Some retail manager jobs also include tasks relating to the buying of new merchandise and ensuring that inventory is available to meet demand. When a problem arises with a customer, the manager is the one responsible for solving it. Because many industries need qualified managers, the skills that retail managers learn can assist them when working as resort managers, retail area managers and bar managers.

Retail Manager Education Requirements

Many companies require that new managers have a bachelor's degree in business or a similar field. Exceptions are made for the prospective employee that is nearing graduation. Depending on the industry and the employer, new managers may need a master's degree. It is possible for employees to work their way up from salespeople and similar jobs to a management position. Employers look for workers who have the skills needed to lead a small group, motivate sellers and increase sales. Managers also need strong customer service and communications skills, which lets them communicate effectively with both customers and employees.

Retail Manager Job Market

The expected growth for retail manager jobs from 2012 to 2022 is 8 percent, which is an average rate of growth. The number of jobs available in 2012 was 359,300, but statistics show that the industry will add an extra 29,800 retail management positions by 2022. Though a large number of people now shop online, there will always be a need for offline retail stores. Those shops will continue hiring new managers to keep up with the demands of their customers. Shops will also need managers capable of using the newest technologies required for taking and processing orders from customers.

Retail Manager Salary

The median national salary of all retail managers is $45,069. The highest paid managers work in the communications and electronics industries.

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