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Screenwriting Jobs Job Overview

Screenwriters bring stories to life in scripts for movies, TV shows, animation, and other motion pictures. The fantasy of Hollywood has the power to seduce just about any writer with the power of the big screen, fame, success, awards, and money. Major studios and networks produce about 150 feature films, more than 50 TV movies, and about 70 weekly series each year. For every film produced, these studios develop and pay for at least five scripts.

Screenwriting Jobs Education Requirements

Screenwriting is specific, learnable form of professional writing that requires study, talent, training, practice, and commitment. You'll need to be imaginative, creative, determined, motivated, and able to meet strict deadlines. Most importantly, you'll need writing skills rather than any formal qualifications. You'll also need to be tough and prepared for criticism. It will help if you have good presentation skills to sell your ideas.

Screenwriting Jobs Job Market

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a 3 percent growth for writers and authors, which is slower than average for all occupations. The number of projected jobs in 2022 is only 132,900. BLS predicts strong competition for most job openings since this occupation attracts many people. Additionally, with the publishing industry expected to decline, more writers and authors may move to screenwriting. However, writers who have adapted to online media and are comfortable with digital platforms should have an advantage finding work.

Screenwriting Jobs Salary Information

The median salary for writers is $55,940. The highest paid authors write about professional and scientific topics, with the lowest paid authors in the informational category. Arts, entertainment, and recreation authors are the second highest paid, averaging $59,290 per year. About two-thirds of writers are self-employed, and one in four work part-time. Freelance writers get paid per assignment, so they may have to work many hours to complete an assignment. The advantage to working part-time or freelancing is that you can make your own flexible hours and juggle multiple projects.

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