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Security Clearance Employment Information

Security Clearance Job Overview Working in jobs within departments of the federal or local government will require ...

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Security Clearance Job Overview

Working in jobs within departments of the federal or local government will require that the employees have specific levels of security clearances. In order to qualify for security clearance, a candidate must successfully pass a detailed and thorough background check. Another common workplace for those with security clearance is within the various branches of the U.S. Military. Since these jobs all deal with sensitive and confidential information, those working in the offices must have security clearance since they will be exposed to new details regarding national security and other important issues. There are also security clearance jobs in finance, education and healthcare.

Security Clearance Job Education Requirements

Jobs that require security clearance will require varying levels of education. For example, a higher-level executive in the finance or business industry might need to have a master's degree, while an active duty or reserve soldier might only need a high school diploma. Many of the jobs do require experience in the related field, and without a current security clearance, a candidate might not qualify for the job. There are three levels of security clearance, which are top-secret, secret and confidential. Those who work in defense jobs or director of security jobs must usually have the highest level of clearance.

Security Clearance Job Market

Job opportunities in the defense, education and healthcare industries are on the rise, which is positive for candidates who already have security clearance. Many employers look for future employees who already hold certain security clearances, since it saves them time and money by not having to run another background check. Working in these industries requires a high level of sensitivity when handling private and confidential information, so those who have an interest in working with the government or other fields should be able to handle this.

Security Clearance Job Salary Information

For those candidates who already have security clearance, some employers will pass along the money they saved by not having to run another background check. According to statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, holding an active security clearance can qualify an employee to earn a higher salary by up to $15,000 per year. There are also opportunities to move up within branches of the government, and increase the level of security clearance. Those with higher levels of security clearance qualify for higher paychecks, with those working for the FBI and the CIA making the highest salaries at $111,311. Working in these industries offers stable and rewarding career options for many people who enjoy this type of work.

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