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Security Director Employment Information

Security Director Job Overview Security directors are responsible for managing the security personnel, such as ...

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Security Director Job Overview

Security directors are responsible for managing the security personnel, such as security guards, at the company or agency where they're employed. Often they are responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training new security personnel. They supervise security employees' work, coordinate employees' shifts and schedules and evaluate the performances of their staff. Many times security directors have the responsibility of serving as a liaison between clients, their employers and the employees that they manage. They must maintain an efficient work environment, must mediate any conflicts that arise among employees and address the concerns of their supervisors and the company's clients.

Security Director Job Education Requirements

Those looking to pursue a job as a security director should consider completing a degree in criminal justice, and many security directors hold a master's degree in the field. Applicants looking to work for corporate security may prefer to pursue a degree in security management, which offers coursework that includes the business and finance aspects of security work. Government agencies and private security contractors looking to hire security directors also often prefer advanced degrees in criminal justice or security management. Like many professions in the security field, security directors often have a lot of practical work experience. Many are former military or law enforcement officers, and most employers insist that applicant have a number of years of practical work experience.

Security Director Job Market

Overall, job opportunities for security directors are expected to grow, though this amount of growth will vary amongst specialties. While the population continues to grow, the general need for security personal will also increase. However, security work in the private sector is expected to experience significant demand as private security firms continue to take over some of the work that was once exclusively reserved for police officers. Still, supervising positions in the security industry are expected to be highly competitive, and applicants who have significant work experience and advanced degrees will have an advantage when seeking employment as a security director.

Security Director Job Salary Information

The average annual salary of a security director is about $108,000, but salaries can vary greatly by location. Salaries can also vary greatly based on the hiring companies' size and the applicant's previous experience and level of education. The highest paid 10 percent of security directors make over $145,000, while the lowest paid 10 percent make less than $78,000.

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