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Security Supervisor Employment Information

Security Supervisor Overview Security Supervisors are generally charged with overseeing all matters of security and ...

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Security Supervisor Overview

Security Supervisors are generally charged with overseeing all matters of security and safety relating to both personnel and property, including facilities and equipment. A Security Supervisor may also be charged with overseeing a security workforce or a security installation, such as a monitoring station. This position may work directly for the organization being protected, but in many cases, the Security Supervisor works for a contracted firm and provides services as a vendor on the client's premises. In many instances, Security Supervisors are responsible for multiple sites and thus must routinely travel.

Security Supervisor Education Requirements

Security Supervisor jobs generally require a high school diploma; however, employers are usually more concerned with practical experience than education. Experience with the military, law enforcement agencies and other security assignments is highly valued. Within the entire security field, 74 percent of the workforce have a level of education below an associate degree. Security Supervisors are necessary in most industries, and some industries such as research and technology are likely to have more stringent education requirements.

Security Supervisor Job Market

Because Security Supervisor positions are often grouped into management, it can be difficult to quantify the health of the specific market for Security Supervisor jobs. However, the security field in general is quite strong and employs more than 1 million people. Even if just 10 percent of that workforce is management, the job market offers extensive opportunities. Other similar positions include Supervisor Correctional Officers.

Security Supervisor Salary

Estimating the typical salary of a Security Supervisor can be difficult as well because statistics are grouped with all management positions. The median wage for a general security position is $11.50 per hour, and the median salary is $24,000 per year; however, that information is based heavily on entry-level positions. The medians wages for Administrative Managers are $40 per hour and $81,100 per year, so depending on the field and the education requirements, one can expect to earn anywhere within this range.

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