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Social Services Employment Information

Social Services Job Overview Social services workers can be found in hospitals, nursing homes, private doctor's ...

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Social Services Job Overview

Social services workers can be found in hospitals, nursing homes, private doctor's offices, community mental health clinics, colleges, military bases, recovery clinics and more healthcare settings. They strive to help individuals of all ages cope with big and small problems. The most common job duties of a social services worker may include:

  • Deciding who needs help and approaching them
  • Assessing the needs of clients with their help
  • Identifying problems within the situations that clients are in
  • Helping clients deal with the dynamic changes that are happening
  • Referring clients to community resources that can improve their lives
  • Responding to emergency and crisis situations
  • Soothing children who are in crisis and providing practical help to them
  • Following up with clients to make sure that they are getting the help they need
  • Determining if a plan of help or treatment is working for individuals' troubled situations

Candidates who like working with people may be a good fit for social services jobs. Social services workers need to have compassion without judgment for a variety of people who have fallen on hard times, yet they also most remain professional in crisis situations. They need to have strong listening skills and problem-solving skills.

Social Services Job Education Requirements

Most social services jobs require that candidates hold at least a bachelor's degree in social work or a related field. For example, some have degrees in sociology, political science, or psychology. A bachelor's degree is a requirement for nearly any social services position, and a master's degree is preferable for many jobs in the field. Many schools and hospital may require both a master's degree in social work and a minimum of two years' experience. Other jobs in healthcare that require great people skills include physical therapist jobs and intake nurse jobs.

Social Services Job Market

Between 2012 and 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that there will be a growth of around 19 percent in jobs for social services workers. That's quite a bit faster than the increase that most occupations will be experiencing. That's because there will an increasing demand for social services along with a growing demand for other healthcare workers. In 2022, there should be more than 721,500 Americans working as social workers and over 185,500 social services workers in the healthcare field alone.

Social Services Job Salary Information

Social services workers earned a median annual salary of $44,200 in 2012. However, higher-earning social workers who specialized and had experience in the field were able to command more than $72,980 per year. Also, social services employees who worked in educational services earned the most money in general.

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