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Sous Chef Employment Information

Sous Chef Job Overview A sous chef plans and creates recipes. Some specialize in certain cuisines. Besides ...

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Sous Chef Job Overview

A sous chef plans and creates recipes. Some specialize in certain cuisines. Besides understanding how to prepare, cook and store foods, sous chefs should have skills that enable them to choose types of foods that pair well with one another, creating meals that are pleasing to the taste buds.

Some aspects of this career may be instructional, such as if a sous chef is called upon to demonstrate techniques to colleagues or show preparation methods to customers during showcase events. Prior to becoming a sous chef, an individual may take other cook jobsthat require less responsibility to gain experience. Kitchen manager jobs may also be realistic possibilities, especially after people gain years of experience as sous chefs.

Sous Chef Job Education Requirements

In order to be competitive, most sous chefs receive culinary school training for at least four years. Most of that education takes place in kitchens where people can learn real-world skills. After graduating from culinary school, a sous chef may enter the workforce via an internship or apprenticeship program. Rather than pursuing formal education first, some aspiring sous chefs begin working right away and gain on-the job training.

Sous Chef Job Market

According to projections published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for chefs should grow 5 percent through 2022. This rate is slower than average compared to all other occupations.

Even though factors like larger populations and greater amounts of disposable income should help boost job prospects in some cases, challenges exist because some restaurants try to cut costs and avoid hiring skilled chefs. Because a sous chef must often spend hours standing up in hot conditions, job creation often results when people look for other types of work.

Sous Chef Job Salary Information

The average salary for a sous chef is slightly under $42,500 annually. However, higher wages are possible in upscale restaurants, or within the leisure travel industry.

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