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Spanish Teacher Job Overview Spanish teachers typically work in both public and private middle schools and high ...

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Spanish Teacher Job Overview

Spanish teachers typically work in both public and private middle schools and high schools all over the country. Sometimes Spanish teachers work with younger grades as well. They teach students how to write, read, speak and understand Spanish. The most common job duties of a Spanish teacher may include:

  • Planning Spanish lessons each week
  • Helping students with their pronunciation
  • Monitoring students' homework and group projects
  • Playing learning games to help students remember Spanish vocabulary
  • Reviewing Spanish spelling lessons
  • Showing Spanish films to students
  • Speaking Spanish to set an example of how to enunciate correctly
  • Assessing students' abilities and progress
  • Grading students' Spanish papers
  • Establishing and enforcing classroom rules
  • Helping students through difficulties learning Spanish
  • Speaking about Spanish culture to students
  • Trying out new teaching methods

Candidates who enjoy working with young people and continuing to learn may thrive as a Spanish teacher. They will also need to have patience, resourcefulness and stellar communication skills.

Spanish Teacher Job Education Requirements

Most positions for Spanish teachers require that candidates have at least a bachelor's degree in Spanish or a related area, as well as a teaching credential. It's necessary to get a master's degree along with teaching certification in some states. Private schools may have more relaxed requirements, but many of those positions offer a lower salary. Those who want to attain a higher education may want to look at higher level positions, including professor jobs.

Spanish Teacher Job Market

Between 2012 and 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a growth of 6 percent for all high school teachers, including Spanish teachers. It also predicts a growth of 12 percent for middle school teaching jobs. That may mean that there will be greater availability for Spanish teacher jobs for middle school schools in the future, but that may change depending on the city and the need for teachers. Tenure laws in many states provide a level of job security for some Spanish teachers. After a certain number of years teaching in public schools, the teacher obtains job security.

Spanish Teacher Job Salary Information

Spanish teachers in middle schools earn an average annual salary of approximately $53,000, while high school Spanish teachers earn a median annual salary of around $55,000. The Spanish teachers that have the best job prospects will be the ones that have at least a master's degree and spend time cultivating their experience and continually working on both their Spanish and their teaching skills.

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