Insurance Senior Production Underwriter Overview

Analyzing risk and financial data to identify exposures and hazards, Senior Production Underwriters ensure the service, delivery and follow-up requirements for insurance quotes. Insurance Underwriters provide detailed instructions on policy and statistical information processing to the administrative staff, evaluating and underwriting large cases. These professionals review and sign for less-experienced Underwriters. Conducting audits as needed, Senior Production Underwriters examine documentation and company records to determine the degree of risk for the applicant's financial standing and the property's value and condition. Individuals entering this industry need to be able to observe, receive and obtain information from relevant sources through the compilation, coding, categorization, calculation, tabulation, auditing and verification of data. These professionals generally work full-time in an indoor environment.

Insurance Senior Production Underwriter Education Requirements

Some firms accept Senior Insurance Production Underwriters who have obtained insurance-related work experience and have extensive computer skills, but most require candidates to ascertain a bachelor's degree for employment qualification. A bachelor degree program provides courses in finance, business, math and economics. Recent graduates generally obtain an entry-level position as an Insurance Underwriter before earning their certification and advancing to senior status or a related position, such as an Insurance Manager. Certification coursework ensures that individuals remain up-to-date with current insurance policies, technology adjustments, and changes to state and federal regulations. Underwriters can pass certain courses to earn one of two certifications ? the Associate in Commercial Underwriting or the Associate in Personal Insurance. Those who have a minimum of three years' experience can earn the Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter credential.

Insurance Senior Production Underwriter Job Market

Recent studies show that the career outlook for Underwriters is predicting a decline of 6 percent by 2022. Individuals who are seeking Insurance Senior Production Underwriter jobs need to make sure they have the necessary education, work-related experience and certifications to increase their marketability to potential employers.

Insurance Senior Production Underwriter Salary

Statistics report that individuals who are entering this career can expect to earn a median wage of $62,870 annually.

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