State Farm Insurance Agent Overview

Those working as insurance agents for State Farm are involved in various aspects of selling and managing insurance policies for the company and for their clients. Insurance specialists may focus on a specific type of product. An insurance product supervisor needs to be well-versed in all products available through the company. A sales agent helps the company to generate new business through a variety of contact methods. Additionally, an agent needs to be prepared to explain the purposes of different policies, helping existing or prospective customers to find those options that best meet their needs and budgets. Excellent communication skills are crucial, and it important that a candidate for such a position have an aptitude for working with numerical information as well.

State Farm Insurance Agents Education Requirements

The minimum education needed to become an insurance sales agent is a high school diploma. However, a bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as business or finance may improve the options for obtaining a position. Courses in communications may be useful as well due to the significant amount of interaction required in the profession. On-the-job training may also provide much of the needed information for those starting out in the field. Additionally, conventions and training programs may be available for sales agents after they are hired.

State Farm Insurance Agent Job Market

According to statistics, the job growth for the insurance industry is expected to be average in comparison with other fields. From 2012 to 2022, insurance sales positions are expected to increase by approximately 10 percent. The industry tends to fluctuate based on the economy. Prospects for employment can vary from one location to another. The ability to buy insurance policies online may affect the outlook for insurance agents as more people resort to managing their insurance needs via computer.

State Farm Insurance Agent Salary

The median yearly salary for insurance agents in 2012 was $48,150. Those earning in the top 10 percent reported income in excess of $116,940. Those earning in the lower 10 percent averaged less than $27,000. Income in this field may be based on salary only, commission only or a combination of salary and commissions.

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