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Student Job Overview "Student jobs" typically refers to part-time employment opportunities for college or graduate ...

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Student Job Overview

"Student jobs" typically refers to part-time employment opportunities for college or graduate students during the time of their enrollment. Sometimes the college or university in question offers these jobs, and other times nearby businesses offer internships or student employment opportunities which double as career experience. These jobs include:

  • Work-study positions through the federal government or through the university
  • Resident assistant (RA) positions
  • Teaching assistantships or graduate assistantships
  • Internships both within and outside of the college or university
  • Data-entry, organization or desk management jobs at university establishments

Student Job Education Requirements

To obtain a student job, one must be a current student at a college or university. Work-study programs often require some type of financial aid qualification, though this differs significantly between establishments. Some colleges may require students to be enrolled in a certain number of hours to qualify for a student job. Internships and assistantships almost always require the student to major in the field and have attained a certain number of hours and class requirements. Education requirements aren't required to become a resident assistant, but students need a certain level of seniority.

Student Job Market

Obtaining student jobs is competitive, and varies by university. Internships and assistantships are the most competitive student employment opportunities because they offer significant career experience. Some universities limit the number of assistantships or work-studies a student can hold.

Student Job Salary Information

Work-studies and internships pay anywhere from minimum wage to over $10 an hour. One significant detail of work-studies is that they do not reduce financial aid eligibility the way a regular job does if you earn more than a certain amount. In assistantships, students typically earn a stipend, which may only be a couple thousand dollars or could extend to over $10,000 for the course of a year.

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