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Switchboard Services Manager Employment Information

Switchboard Services Manager Overview Telecommunications and specifically switchboards, have changed over the years. ...

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Switchboard Services Manager Overview

Telecommunications and specifically switchboards, have changed over the years. Switchboard Services Managers are responsible for overseeing the entire switchboard of a company. Incoming and outgoing calls are managed and they are responsible for making sure that calls are patched through to the correct people and in a timely manner. Industries that employ Switchboard Managers include health care, education and industrial, and the positions are found throughout the country. Some managers oversee dozens of operators as well as the IT staff people that are involved with the actual technology behind the system.

Switchboard Services Manager Job Education Requirements

The job requirements for Switchboard Services Manager positions vary depending upon the company. A high school diploma is required, and if someone has a degree in telecommunications, it can improve upon the resume. Proficient typing skills should be obtained, and a person should have experience managing others within a call center environment. Customer service should also be a focus of any candidate, since they will be dealing with callers and showing others how to do so. An understanding of how the technology works is also of the utmost importance.

Switchboard Services Manager Job Market

The world of telecommunications is evolving and switchboards are going digital. As such, the job market is dramatically dwindling in terms of the number of Switchboard jobs. Computers and advanced software known as VoIP are replacing switchboards around the country so that people do not have to rely on an actual person transferring the calls. There are still companies that prefer to have a person doing it, however. Managers can often be safe as well because they will oversee the digital programs. A similar skill set can also be helpful for Telecommunications Systems jobs.

Switchboard Services Manager Salary

The salary of Switchboard Services Managers will depend upon the size of the organization and the number of employees in which they are tasked to supervise. Statistics show that a Switchboard Manager can anticipate a salary ranging from $36,000 to $56,000 a year. Most of the jobs that are available are of a salaried nature, but some hourly positions are also available, with hourly rates between $15 and $17 an hour.

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