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System Engineer Job Overview System engineers, sometimes called systems engineers , design, develop and manage new ...

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System Engineer Job Overview

System engineers, sometimes called systems engineers, design, develop and manage new technology systems for their employers and their employers' customers. They must ensure that all systems meet the customers' needs, by working efficiently and being user-friendly. System engineers also document programs and configurations to ensure there are clear and complete records for each system their employer uses. Requirement analysis, modeling and simulation, decision and risk analysis, and design optimization skills are all utilized by system engineers in their daily duties.

System engineers are employed in a range of industries using technology, including information technology, the military, telecommunications, and the commercial air industry.

System engineers are required to work with others within their department and organization, so strong people skills, including communication and cooperation, are essential. Good system engineers are also very organized, as they must coordinate a number of different tasks simultaneously.

System Engineer Job Education Requirements

System engineers must hold at least a bachelor's degree in a related field, such as industrial, electrical, mining, or civil engineering. While such a bachelor's degree may be sufficient to secure an entry-level system engineer role, studying to get a master's degree can help you gain a competitive edge and higher salary.

System Engineer Job Market

The job market for system engineers is average. While this profession is not experiencing particularly high growth, individuals with an interest in becoming a system engineer have as many opportunities as they would in other technology roles, including software engineer and network engineer.

System Engineer Job Salary Information

On average, system engineers in the United States can expect to make an annual salary of approximately $90,000. System engineers with a background in niche areas like electronics, micro computing systems, or aerospace can expect to be rewarded for their additional expertise with wages above the national average.

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