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Technician Employment Information

Technician Job Overview Engineering technicians are trained in the skills and specific techniques that pertain to a ...

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Technician Job Overview

Engineering technicians are trained in the skills and specific techniques that pertain to a branch of engineering. They collaborate closely with technologists and engineers as part of research projects as well as development projects. Technicians work in testing laboratories, the manufacturing of navigational instruments, and motor vehicle parts manufacturing, among many other workplaces. The most common job duties of an engineering technician may include:

  • Evaluating design drawings for tools
  • Measuring and comparing drawings with existing products or current specifications
  • Preparing computer layouts or drawings
  • Collaborating with co-workers as well as directly with engineers and technologists
  • Presenting changes that the technician thinks are necessary
  • Reviewing instructions carefully to make sure that test specifications are closely followed
  • Planning new mechanical parts for products
  • Setting up tests of complete units in the ways that they'll be used
  • Comparing test results with the original objectives

Candidates who enjoy dealing with very precise and challenging work may enjoy being an engineering technician. They need to have excellent people kills and great communication skills. Technicians should also be creative and detail-oriented.

Technician Job Education Requirements

Most technician positions require that candidates acquire at least an associate's degree in mechanical engineering technology or a closely related field. If they are unable to attain a degree, they need to at least go through postsecondary training in mechanical engineering technology.

Candidates who want to move up rather quickly and also stand out from the crowd for more competitive positions should earn a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering technology. Other positions in the field of technology that candidates may want to consider are assistant quantity surveyor jobs and environmental ecology jobs.

Technician Job Market

There are currently more than 47,500 Americans working as engineering technicians, and that number is estimated to grow to 49,700 engineering technicians by 2022. Between 2012 and 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a job growth rate of 5 percent. Although that is smaller than the average growth rate for many other occupations, it still is growth. Those who attain a higher degree and work hard to get quality on-the-job experience will be in the best position to win the best technician jobs that are available.

Technician Job Salary Information

Technicians earn approximately $51,980 per year. The lowest earners who were working as engineering technicians earned a median annual salary of less than $33,370, while the top earners commanded a salary that exceeded $76,660. With the right training and experience, technicians can earn a high annual salary and also have job security.

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