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Transportation Jobs in Columbus, OH Overview Thanks to its central location in the United States and plentiful ...

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Transportation Jobs in Columbus, OH Overview

Thanks to its central location in the United States and plentiful inexpensive real estate, Columbus is home to numerous local and national warehouses. Warehouse associates, forklift operators, purchasing inventory associates, logistics managers, and truck drivers all call Columbus home. Many work for larger companies that specialize in certain products and services, while others find employment with generalized distribution centers that deal in a full range of materials and products.

In Columbus, the national trucking company Swift Transportation employs experienced truck drivers, diesel mechanics with experience in tractor trailers, and trainers who evaluate truck drivers. C. R. England, another major trucking company, employs drivers, many of them making a career change to transportation. Prestige Delivery Systems, a regional courier company, employs warehouse workers who specialize in sorting and logistics.

Columbus, OH Transportation Job Market

There are a number of openings for transportation jobs in Columbus, OH, including entry level, experienced, and managerial positions. Many of the entry-level positions boast on-the-job training for truck drivers, mechanics, and warehouse associates. More advanced positions require experience with driving, logistics, or purchasing. Experienced truck driver positions also usually require a CDL, while forklift operators usually require past experience in that specific industry. Job seekers in Columbus can often find managerial positions in warehouse settings, especially for positions like purchasing inventory manager.

Transportation Salaries in Columbus, OH

Transportation jobs in Columbus, OH typically pay an hourly or mileage rate for non-supervisory employees and an annual salary for managerial employees. The average hourly wage for transportation professionals in Columbus is $14.50, or about $30,500 per year. Transportation and trucking supervisors make an average of $25.50 per hour, or about $53,00 per year. Transportation and distribution managers have average annual salaries of $89,000. Transportation inspectors and other specialized professionals earn salaries of about $71,000 per year.

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