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Transportation Jobs in Texas Overview As the second largest and second most populous U.S. state, Texas is a major ...

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Transportation Jobs in Texas Overview

As the second largest and second most populous U.S. state, Texas is a major transportation hub. Numerous local and national companies have headquarters and branches in small towns and large cities throughout the state. From trucking to warehousing to distribution to importing and exporting, Texas has plenty to offer in the transportation industry.

Major national trucking companies like C. R. England employ truck drivers and mechanics throughout Texas, many of them entry-level. Auction houses like Heritage Auctions employ shipping personnel to handle logistics and transportation. Inventory management organizations like WIS International employ inventory personnel and drivers to coordinate inventory among warehouses and retailers. Many multifaceted transportation companies employ safety specialists to ensure compliance and smooth operations.

Texas Transportation Job Market

Openings for transportation jobs in Texas range from truck drivers to warehouse managers and include many specialized jobs in between. Throughout the state, truck drivers are in demand to transport general and specialized goods and materials. Some of the more specialized trucking jobs open in Texas include transporting produce, computer technology, or petroleum.

The Texas job market also has several openings for warehouse workers, and many employers seek candidates with specialized experience. Those who have done prior work with inventory control, transportation safety, or import compliance will find numerous jobs in Texas warehouses.

Transportation Salaries in Texas

Transportation jobs in Texas pay relatively well throughout the state. General transportation workers typically earn by the hour or the mile, while transportation managers earn an annual salary. General transportation workers earn an average of $16.30 per hour, which equals about $34,000 per year. Transportation supervisors earn an average of $28.00 per hour, or $58,750 per year. Logistics, distribution, and transportation managers earn an average of $96,000 annually, while transportation inspectors earn in the range of $71,000 per year.

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