Travelers Insurance Job Overview

Most travelers insurance jobs involve selling travelers insurance to people who plan to go on vacation or take business trips in the near future. A travelers insurance policy protects the customer from damages due to missed flights, rescheduled trips, and other mishaps on the road or in the air. As a travelers insurance agent, you will work with different people every day, helping them choose insurance products that meet their needs.

The job description and workplace environment for travelers insurance professions are similar to those for experts in the life insurance and renters insurance industries. In addition to selling insurance, you might help process and investigate claims and perform other duties related to insurance products. Other job titles under this umbrella include travelers insurance underwriter and travelers insurance broker.

Travelers Insurance Job Education Requirements

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), insurance sales agents in general need a minimum of a high school diploma. However, if you get an undergraduate degree, you might make yourself more attractive to potential employers. The same goes for insurance underwriters.

Travelers Insurance Job Market

The BLS reports that travelers insurance jobs will grow at a rate of about 10 percent through 2022, which is on the high end for all industries combined. The need for this type of insurance product shouldn't wane as long as people continue to travel.

Travelers Insurance Job Salary Information

Though the BLS does not track salary statistics for travelers insurance jobs in particular, it reports a median salary of $48,150 per year for all insurance sales agents. New agents might earn as little as $26,120, while the top earners bring home wages in excess of $116,940 per year. Insurance underwriters across all insurance products earn a median annual salary of $62,870. However, their salary potential tops out at just under $110,000.

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