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User Experience Employment Information

User Experience Job Overview User Experience jobs are a sub-genre of the advertising industry. These jobs focus on ...

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User Experience Job Overview

User Experience jobs are a sub-genre of the advertising industry. These jobs focus on enhancing the user experience with such things as user testing, user interviews, research and developing various prototypes. Some of the companies that hire focus on user experience or UX for their own purposes or are driven by client needs. Many advertising firms feature UX jobs in order to ensure that client needs are taken care of with an individual UX designer that will pay attention to what users want out of a particular product and/or market.

User Experience Education Requirements

The requirements that companies want from User Experience team members include having some kind of advertising/marketing degree. Skills should include markup in HTML or XML, along with CSS coding, page layout and interface design, knowledge on usability testing, graphic design and project management. Some companies also want to find people who have experience with front-end programming, such as with JavaScript and with writing and editing. Various tools are used by those within User Experience jobs. Those with more experience with the software used can ensure they have a better and more impressive resume to offer. Knowledge of Google Analytics, Power Mockup and Adobe Fireworks are good places to start.

User Experience Job Market

Research has shown that the User Experience job market is not slowing down. This is an important aspect of the advertising industry that leads to more jobs, such as User Experience Designer jobs as well as User Experience Architect jobs. The job market is broken down to include usability analysts, user researchers, designers, architects and managers that will oversee the entire process in terms of how people will interact with the ad or overall product. Advertising, client-side applications and websites are all projects that demand User Experience professionals.

User Experience Salary

Studies have shown that User Experience salaries can vary dramatically depending upon the level of expertise. Junior UX managers can earn around $57,000 a year, while senior UX designers can earn $88,000 a year or more, depending on location.

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