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Animal Services Veterinary Technician Overview Veterinary Technicians, also known as veterinary technologists and ...

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Animal Services Veterinary Technician Overview

Veterinary Technicians, also known as veterinary technologists and veterinarian technicians, work closely with pet owners, their pets and other veterinarians. They often work behind the scenes, performing tests on pets to look for signs of illness or injury. Most technicians work later in the evening and after the office closes for the day, and many also work on weekends and holidays. Techs can work in private animal hospitals, emergency clinics, vet offices and animal shelters.

Animal Services Veterinary Technician Education Requirements

It is impossible for a Veterinarian Technician to seek employment without first completing an associate degree in the field. Each state has different rules and guidelines in place about any other requirements needed for the job. Nearly every state requires that technicians take a certification examination and receive a certificate to work with animals. Other states require that technicians be certified or licensed, and some states also ask that technicians register with the state before taking a position. Veterinary technologists require an additional two years of schooling.

Animal Services Veterinary Technician Job Market

The outlook for Veterinary Technician jobs is quite high. According to recent statistics, this field will grow at a much faster rate than average. The number of new positions available in 2022 as compared to 2012 is around 25,000, which represents a growth of 30 percent. By 2022, experts believe that there will be nearly 100,000 vet tech positions open. Those who love working with animals and talking to pet owners might consider working in a similar field. They might seek employment as an animal caretaker, animal trainer, dog walker or pet breeder. Dog walkers work for companies and run their own businesses, while animal caretakers and trainers typically work for kennels, shelters and animal hospitals.

Animal Services Veterinary Technician Salary

Recent surveys into veterinarian technician salaries found that vet techs can make an hourly, monthly or yearly salary. Hourly waged technicians can earn as little as $9 to as much as $21 an hour while monthly wage earners bring home around $1,600 to $1,700 each month. The median pay for veterinary technicians is $30,290 per year.

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