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Videographer Employment Information

Videographer Job Overview Videographers often perform several roles while making documentaries, advertisements, ...

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Videographer Job Overview

Videographers often perform several roles while making documentaries, advertisements, movies, and other types of video content. A videographer may need to fill tasks commonly completed by video editors, sound professionals, and cinematographers.

Successful videographers can focus on details while meeting deadlines. They also need strong communication and organization skills that help them work with other creative professionals.

Videographer Job Education Requirements

A videographer's portfolio is usually more important than his or her education. Portfolios should include a range of clips showing that the videographer has mastered important skills. While videographers do not necessarily need college degrees to find fulfilling jobs, employers may prefer hiring college graduates.

Videographers often study similar subjects as photographers. Undergraduate degree programs may include classes in subjects such as visual composition, art history, and color theory.

Today's videographers commonly rely on editing software. This makes it important for them to learn as much as possible about popular software options used in the industry.

Videographer Job Market

The job market for videographers is expected to grow by about three percent between 2012 and 2022. This grow is slower than average, which could make it difficult for artists to find jobs. Some states, however, offer more job opportunities than others. California, New York, and Florida have the country's largest job markets for video professionals.

Videographers who cannot find employment may want to explore opportunities in related fields with healthier job growth. Graphic design jobs, for instance, are expected to grow by seven percent between 2012 and 2022. While still quite slow, this growth could make it easier for videographers to find secure jobs.

Videographer Job Salary Information

Videographer salaries vary significantly by industry and position. The mean annual wage is about $75,000 ($36.10 per hour). Videographers working in the motion picture industry can expect to earn over $82,000 per year ($39.60 per hour).

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