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Virtual Assistant Employment Information

Virtual Assistant Job Overview A virtual assistant is the next generation of an Office Assistant . Generally ...

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Virtual Assistant Job Overview

A virtual assistant is the next generation of an Office Assistant. Generally self-employed and working from a home office, virtual assistants offer administrative, creative or technical assistance to clients, often communicating via internet, email, phone, Skype and Google Voice. A virtual assistant works from a home-based office, but the Internet connection and any training the assistant needs is provided by the company. Hiring virtual assistants is a growing trend because companies save on office space and supplies while still having the benefits of administrative support.

Virtual Assistant Job Education Requirements

Virtual assistant positions are usually independent contract agreements, but a long-lasting contract isn't uncommon. Usually five years of experience is expected in this type of work, but some young companies are willing to hire people with less experience at a lower rate. Some employers prefer that their virtual assistants have at least a Bachelor's degree, and some are fine with their employees having some college work completed, but not necessarily a degree. Many companies only require a high school diploma.

Virtual assistants may come from different backgrounds, including secretarial work, legal administrative assistance, information technology and others, but since virtual assistant jobs are relatively new, most have experience in the non-virtual administrative world.

Virtual Assistant Job Market

The job market is slightly unpredictable for this growing career. Becoming a virtual assistant can be much like starting your own business, so to work full-time, you'll have to take on more than one client. Building a client base of small, local businesses is helpful. The virtual assistant job market is growing as businesses find ways to run more efficiently. If you're interested in getting into the virtual assistant field, know that it is much like freelance'you may have to take some lower-paying jobs at first before you get steady work. Businesses want their needs taken care of in the best way for the lowest price. If you prove yourself as a reliable virtual assistant, higher paying jobs will come along. Virtual Assistants can choose from a range of services that all fall under the category of Administrative Jobs.

Virtual Assistant Job Salary Information

Virtual Assistant salaries vary'largely due to education and experience. A highly educated and experienced virtual assistant can expect to charge around $30/hour. Average rates for virtual assistants with less education and two to five years of experience can expect anywhere between $11 and $15/hour on average. Pay also depends on the client and the job expected, so be sure to do your research before taking the job.

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