Technology Careers

Technology Careers Overview

Technology Careers Overview

Providing an updated account of the state of the technology industry is difficult because new trends and innovations develop at a rapid pace. But it's this fact that makes the industry so dynamic and fascinating for those involved in the industry Professionals in the field of technology are expected to have a forward-thinking understanding of modern technology. This means staying up to date on the latest devices and upgrades, while also being able improve the capacity of current models by applying your own skills and creativity.

Technology Education

Education never really ends for those in technology careers because there's always something new to learn. And when there isn't, there's always something new to create. Although careers in technology often require a substantial educational background, titles like Web Developer only need an Associate's degree, while Computer Information Research Scientist requires a doctoral or professional degree. The bulk of technology jobs will require the middle ground of a Bachelor's degree, but on-the-job training, job experience, and certification in new technologies are always a plus.

Technology Job Market

In the Bureau of Labor Statistics' latest edition of its Occupational Outlook Handbook, IT employment is projected to grow at a rate "much faster than average." A recent panel at the University of Colorado revealed that there are hundreds of thousands of technology jobs and computer-related jobs available in the U.S. However, this figure doesn't necessarily account for the fast development of industries or the growth of new ones.

Technology Salaries

According to the BLS's Computer and Information Technology careers list, professionals can earn annual salaries from $48,000 to over $100,000. The current average salary for tech-professional salary is $87,811, with workers in Silicon Valley making an even more impressive average of $108,603.

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