Jobs for people who love doing crafts

Turn your knack for crafting into a cool, creative career.

Jobs for people who love doing crafts

Carve out a career path.

Most people think of crafting as a fun hobby, but in fact, it’s a very big business. The total size of the U.S. creative arts industries is $36-plus billion, according to recent research from the Association for Creative Industries (formerly the Craft & Hobby Association), and a whopping 63% of U.S. households participated in at least one creative activity in the past 12 months.

Arts and crafts stores aren't the only employers looking to hire crafty folks. If you have a knack for crafting and building—assembling things, decorating, designing, etc.—you might be surprised to find that there are numerous types of careers where you can make use of your creative skills.

Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale, Monster found 10 jobs hiring crafty workers. Check out the list below, and click through to get your craft on.

3-D model maker

What you’d do: Produce miniature models of a product. Many model makers work for architecture firms, but others work for craft-oriented companies, helping to design prototypes and improve on current designs.
What you’d need: A degree in motion arts or 3-D animation is typical, and you must be able operate computer drawing and design software like CAD (Computer Aided Design).
What you’d make: $56,130 per year

Find 3D model maker jobs on Monster.

Cabinet maker

What you’d do: While some cabinet makers simply follow blueprints, high-end custom cabinet makers are sought after for their artistry, precision, and sense of style.
What you’d need: A high school diploma (or GED) is typical, and you’ll most likely learn the trade on the job. A good cabinet maker can operate a variety of saws and drills, and knows how to work with various construction materials.
What you’d make: $34,740 per year

Find cabinet maker jobs on Monster.

Cake decorator

What you’d do: Turn dessert into art. Most craft stores teem with cake decorating supplies, and with good reason: Creating customer-pleasing flowers, letters, and other embellishments out of fondant and buttercream involves lots of creative skills and meticulous handiwork.
What you’d need: Some cake decorators attend culinary school, but employers may also offer on-the-job training.
What you’d make: $26,520 per year

Find cake decorator jobs on Monster.

Concept artist

What you’d do: Concept artists interpret design ideas visually, working in a variety of industries, such as product design, photography, film, marketing, architecture, and advertising—basically any kind of business where visual creativity is paramount.
What you’d need: A degree in multimedia arts, animation, graphic design, or a related field, plus an excellent portfolio of work, is typical.
What you’d make: $79,096 per year

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Craft store employee

What you’d do: Depending on the position, you may perform retail tasks (ringing up customers, stocking shelves, taking inventory, etc.), or you may be hired to demonstrate or teach a specific craft to customers who visit the store.
What you’d need: Experience in retail sales or other customer service jobs is helpful. View this sample resume for a retail clerk.
What you’d make: $11.70 per hour

Find craft store jobs on Monster.

Event coordinator

What you’d do: Event coordinators oversee every aspect of an event, from the food to the entertainment and the design scheme. In many cases, you’ll get to personally create things like floral arrangements, centerpieces, and promotional materials.
What you’d need: A bachelor’s degree in hospitality, public relations, or marketing is usually preferred, but work experience can sometimes substitute for a diploma. View this sample resume for an event coordinator.
What you’d make: $49,370 per year

Find event coordinator jobs on Monster.

Floral designer

What you’d do: An eye for detail comes in handy as you create special arrangements and displays out of fresh flowers. You might work for a floral store, or firm that specializes in event or wedding planning.
What you’d need: Often a high school diploma (or GED), plus work experience, is required.
What you’d make: $27,200 per year

Find floral designer jobs on Monster.

Hair stylist

What you’d do: Many of the tools used in hair styling (think scissors, brushes, and razors) are similar to those used in crafting. Hair stylists use their keen eye for aesthetics and excellent fine motor skills to create ’dos on demand.
What you’d need: No college degree is required, but many hair stylists attend cosmetology school. View this sample resume for a hair stylist.
What you’d make: $24,830 per year

Find hairstylist jobs on Monster.


What you’d do: Photographers work for a wide variety of organizations, but those with a craft-y bent will most enjoy commercial work, where you’d take beautiful photos of products to use in advertisements for print publications or websites.
What you’d need: A bachelor’s degree in photography can help you get a foot in the door. Many photographers start with internships and work their way up the ladder. View this sample resume for a photographer.
What you’d make: $34,000 per year

Find photographer jobs on Monster.


What you’d do: Welders fuse metal parts together, using special high-intensity equipment. Like jewelry making, welding requires a great deal of manual dexterity and attention to detail.
What you’d need: Some positions might necessitate a trade degree or certification. View this sample resume for a welding supervisor.
What you’d make: $41,380 per year

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