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5 great jobs for people who love doing crafts

Turn your hobby into a career by finding a craft-oriented job.

5 great jobs for people who love doing crafts

When Roxy Klein was a child, she loved making art with sand. “Every opportunity I had to do sand art, I jumped at the chance,” she says. In 1996, she used her passion to create a sand-like candy and opened a candy business, Can You Imagine That! Inc., which manufactures a craft that’s also a sweet treat.

“I love the creativity of my current work,” she says. “It is fantastic to be able to be in a business that allows me to be innovative and artistic in my own way.”

March is National Crafting Month, and working on crafts can be more than just a hobby. Many people turn their love of crafts into careers, often through selling their crafts online or starting a business like Klein did. But you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to have a cool, creative job. There is a wide variety of opportunities for crafters looking for jobs, so if you’re looking for ways to get crafty in your career, consider these options.

Craft retail employee

Retailers that sell craft and hobby supplies often hire people to help teach a particular craft in their stores, says Andrej Suskavcevic, president and CEO of the Craft & Hobby Association. Depending on the position, you may also perform retail tasks, or you may be hired specifically as a demonstrator or teacher.

Melody Hyde started as a demonstrator with Stampin’ Up before transitioning to being a concept artist. She taught classes on how to create beautiful paper crafts through stamping, and says she enjoyed sharing what she loves in these classes and teaching others to make their own works of art.

CAD/3D modeler

Jacob Aune is co-owner of Altare Design LLC, a custom woodworking business that supplies wooden items for other companies to resell. He says a CAD/3D modeler is a popular job that almost every craft-oriented company needs to design prototypes and improve on current designs.

Event coordinator

Before Hailey Lanier had her current job as account coordinator at Flackable, she was the event coordinator at her local zoo and says an event or party planner is a great job for someone who likes crafts.

“Since many of our events centered around children, I got to come up with games and crafts for them to complete during the event,” she says. “I spent a lot of my time scouring Pinterest for ideas and going to craft stores for supplies.”

Lanier also made many of her own decorations for the events. Event coordinators with small budgets may have to do a lot of their own work, while those with larger budgets can hire others to make their decorative ideas a reality.

Concept artist

Concept artists create new designs for demonstrators to teach to others. Jen Campbell is a concept artist at Stampin’ Up and she says most of her work day is spent stamping and creating. “It’s tough to stay creative and innovative every day, but I get paid to do something I genuinely love to do. It’s terrific,” she says. “I’ve grown so much as an artist, and I’m continually learning more as the industry evolves.”

Hyde says the job involves collaborating with other departments. Concept artists work with product management, product design, photography, publication design, marketing and demonstrator training departments to get the best ideas out.


Photographers can work at any company, including craft companies, to take beautiful pictures of products for use online or in print ads and catalogs. Aune says photography is an important part of the world of fine crafts, and Klein says she loves photographing her candy creations for her website.