Accounting jobs hiring now

End of year is the best time to start a job search for accounting jobs. Here are six that are hot right now.

Accounting jobs hiring now

Find an accounting job before the end-of-year rush.

Ready to start your holiday shopping? Didn't think so. So it may seem a bit premature to start planning your end-of year search for seasonal jobs this early too, but for accounting jobs, now is the best time to start looking.

Many large accounting firms and companies that match their fiscal year to the calendar year are already planning their hiring for the second half of 2019. “Fiscal-year end is a busy time for accounting departments across industries, and we see a big uptick in hiring starting as early as August and continuing through October in order to meet the year’s end demand,” says Jodi Chavez, group president of Randstad Professional Staffing.

To help you get a head start on what's sure to be a busy season, we identified six top accounting jobs on Monster and then consulted Labor Insights™ from Burning Glass to layer in some more specifics about these positions—things like job growth and median annual salary. Check out the list of jobs that are available on Monster right now.


What you'd do: As an accountant, you'd help organize and maintain financial records and statements for companies and organizations. Accountants can work in a variety of different organizations, each requiring a different skill set. There are three different types of accountants: public accountants (prepare financial documents where public disclosure is required by law, such as business balance sheets and tax returns); management accountants (prepare financial information for internal use by a company); and government accountants (maintain records for government agencies).
What you'd need: Most accountant jobs require a bachelor's degree. Check out this sample resume for an accountant.
Median annual salary: $55K
Projected growth: 10%
Search terms: accountantstaff accountant, senior accountant, cost accountant

Accounts payable/receivable

What you'd do: These positions are the flip side of a proverbial coin: accounts payable is responsible for accounting for a company's or organization's money going out—think expenses or bills to be paid; accounts receivable, on the other hand, oversees the money coming in—outstanding invoices or amounts owed to a company. Both positions require skills in accounting software to create account databases and financial reports.
What you'd need: While many AP/AR positions require either an associate or bachelor's degree, there are many available that simply require a high school diploma. Check out this sample resume for an accounts payable specialist.
Median annual salary: $58K
Projected growth: 19%
Search terms: accounts payableaccounts receivableaccounts payable manager, accounts receivable manager, billing manager


What you'd do: Auditors are responsible for examining internal records to determine the financial status of a company or organization. You'd review accounts and account books to prepare reports on the accuracy of internal financial records and accounting procedures.
What you'd need: These positions require a bachelor's degree or higher.
Median annual salary: $70K
Projected growth: 10%
Search terms: auditorinternal auditor, audit manager, senior auditor


What you'd do: Controllers are responsible for working with the internal accounting and finance departments on high-level financial reporting and may oversee how a company's funds are invested.
What you'd need: At this level, almost all positions require a bachelor's degree or higher.
Median annual salary: $96K
Projected growth: 19%
Search terms: controllerassistant controller, finance controller, corporate controller

Finance manager

What you'd do: As a finance manager, you'd plan and direct the financial activities of a company or organization, prepare financial statements and forecasting reports, and advise management on finance decisions. You'd also supervise accounting and the preparation of financial reports.
What you'd need: A bachelor's degree is required for some positions, whereas others may require a master's degree.
Median annual salary: $94K
Projected growth: 19%
Search terms: finance manager, accounting manager, manager of financial reporting, finance director

Tax manager

What you'd do: Tax managers oversee a company's tax reporting and advise on tax planning. You'd be responsible for ensuring that company tax filings are in compliance with both state and federal laws, so you'd have to stay current on all level of tax codes. Some positions will also manage a tax accounting staff.
Median annual salary: $104K
What you'd need: Most positions require a bachelor's degree, and some may require you be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
Projected growth: 19%
Search terms: tax managertax senior, tax director, tax analyst

The right place at the right time

Getting your foot in the door in an accounting firm or company requires not only the right skills but also the inside scoop on where the jobs are as soon as they're posted. Need help with that? Join Monster for free todayAs a member, you can upload up to five versions of your resume—each tailored to the types of accounting jobs that interest you. Recruiters search Monster every day looking to fill top jobs with qualified candidates, just like you. Additionally, you can get job alerts sent directly to your inbox to cut down on time spent looking through ads. These two quick and easy steps can help you get a head-start on your job search before the busy season.